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The New Standard in Search and Rescue

Use solutions by Zafir to always find what you're looking for

We thrive to bring modern technology into the S&R sector

The availability of great technologies induces possiblities to create even greater equipment. Search and rescue team members experience physical and emotional stress, so it's time to make their life easier, made possible by the perfect solutions for their needs.


To ensure optimal operational capability, we make sure to test every solution from development start to end.

Wireless all the way

Wireless is the future. We are aware of the advantadges of wired connections, yet the progress in wireless communication is significantly faster and more practical in real-world usecases.

Superimposing sensor technologies

Our camera system RescueCam superimposes color and thermal images to allow excellent differerentiation between living beings and objects.

Ongoing, constant exchange

To avoid implementation of unnecessary features, we rely on constant information exchange with many S&R institutions.

From rescue forces.
For rescue forces.

Imagine this situation:

You arrive at a collapsed building and see nothing but a pile of debris. Your job is to find as many of the five missing people as possible.

Every second counts, so you don't want to waste any of the time you have got.

The available equipment is heavy, impractical and after a few hours of searching it becomes rather a hindrance than a support.

Every single rescue force had this problem, and so did we. Coming from the front line, we are able to develop solutions specialized for the needs of any S&R operation.

Worldwide, growing market

The growth of the market is inevitable due to the climate crisis and its consequences. In order to counteract the increasing suffering of living beings generated by nature disasters, advanced devices and solutions are required, so more individuals can be found and rescued from floodings, landslides, fire outbreaks and much more.

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