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Our Solutions are your solutions.


Stop searching, start finding.


Without a doubt, any cable in case of a Search and Rescue Operation is to be replaced by a wireless connection. It removes deficiencies of wired devices such as weight, cable breakage, and unwieldiness. It adds flexibility, since every device with a browser can connect to the camera system and unlimited client devices are supported.

Compact and lightweight Design

Made to fit in any pocket, carrying the RescueCam will feel as natural as carrying your mobile with you. Tired hands and feet, caused by heavy equipment and devices, belong to the past.

Sturdiness, durabilty

To withstand harsh environments and unpredictable incidents, RescueCam is designed to be resistant against temperature, shock, water, and dust.

Charging made easy

You can stop worrying about bringing dedicated chargers. Adapting the USB-C standard into our camera system makes it chargeable everywhere with abundant availability of portable power banks and standardized chargers.


RescueCam superimposes color and thermal images to allow excellent differentiation between living beings and objects.

Dynamic thermal filtering is available per device, so every user can adapt their settings to their specific needs.

The images visualize the advantage of this process. The bumblebee is highlighted, while the insignificant environment is not.

In the situation of a rescue operations ressources are limited, so rescue forces always have to decide how to use those. In emergency situations every second and decision has a direct impact over life and death. Since recovering a person or living or other living being from a collapsed building often takes hours, equipment must support the search operation as efficient as possible.



Stop asking, start knowing.

Searching for a missing person, animal, or specific object on large scales often proves a difficult task. A lot of areas are searched redundantly by mistake, or even not at all. Every pair of eyes (or set of cameras) is valuable, and by wasting manpower every potential success becomes a bit more unreachable.

By developing the Web-App "EmergencyCoordinator", Zafir provides an all-in-one solution for this problem.

Exact tracking of all participating persons and devices

Receive all the information you need on a single screen. Positioning systems like GPS, GLONASS, or GALILEO can be utilized by virtually every smartphone, so every rescue force, police force, volunteer or similar person can participate in a search operation.

Quick overview

Receiving every needed information on a single page enables the operation coordinators to act reliably and fast. An interactive and intuitively usable map is a key feature.

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